Info & Forms

Please review the specifications below. You can fill out our data sheet and case count forms online, or view and pay your invoice.

Electrical Power Requirements

  • 220 volts 3 phase, 40 amp minimum
  • Hubble Plug Model HBL 460M19W 60 amps, 240 VAC 3 phase 15 HP
  • Onboard diesel generator available for an additional fee

Gas for Sparging Bottles

  • 1 VGL of nitrogen per day or 1 standard sized cylinder for every 180 cases to bottle
  • Carbon dioxide or argon may also be used

Crew Requirement

  • At least 7 people needed to fill, cork, label and foil
  • Forklift driver needed

Label Printer Specifications

  • Winding pattern: “Left off, Number 4”
  • Maximum label roll diameter = 10 1/2 inches
  • Minimum spacing between labels = 1/8 inch

Please fill out the data sheet with the estimated lot sizes and requirements at least one week prior to the scheduled bottling date so that we may prepare our bottling technicians and order filters and tubes if needed.

To cancel your scheduled bottling date, please inform SLO Bottling Services at least two weeks in advance so that we can schedule someone else. Your cooperation is appreciated.

When the bottling job is finished, please fill out the case count form with the actual number of cases bottled within a week after the bottling date.

Questions? Drop us a line!